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5S1  Class
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Thanks for surfing into this  fantastic and electricfying site!

In this age of information technology, there is a pressing need for science and technology, especially computer and internet. The net has become a channel of mass communication which brings news, documentaries and entertainment to millions in the country and billions around the world.

In view of the need for news and informations to be transmitted quickly, and due to the powerful and prominence of our class, we have decided to own a web site, designed and created by ourselves. We hope all our classmates would suft into this site and share all the new informations and stories from times to times.
Besides, I hope our friendship will last forever, like what William Shakespeare have written in his poem, Sonnet 18,

  So long as men can breathe, or eyes can see,
  So long lives this, and this gives life to us!

You can also contact us privately at We love to get mail!

Please surf into this page to understand our feelings against Kheng Lok's death and know more about him.   

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What's New?

Here are some updated news and some activities of our class:

28/11/02 - Visited to Pangkor Island

31/12/02 - Celebrated Ying Yin's birthday at Mamak Tang then celebrated new year at Kiang Wooi's house

10/01/03 - Our classmate, Ng Kheng Lok, met with an serious accident at Jalan Taiping when he was cycling home to have lunch after working at Pusat Bandar. He is currently at Ipoh hospital and he has just finished a surgery but his condition is not well yet. Khian Boon is planning to visit him at Ipoh, please contact him at 04-4078537. Hope Kheng Lok will recover soon.

12/01/03 - Kheng Lok passed away this morning at about 12.30 am. We went to his house at about 5.30pm and visited him again at night. Please surf into this page to know more about him.

04/02/03 - We held a classmate party at Xin Xiang Li restaurant and went to Weng Chuan's house at Tg. Piandang to chat and play cards. We changed place to Kheng Neng's house at about 2.00am. and played until next morning. Happy Chinese New Year!

13/02/03 - Played cards at Chirk Hao's house, then went swimming at Jawi Golf Resort. Rain suddenly droped when we were swimming, so we went to GYM to exercise and chat. When rain stopped we played rugby in the swimming pool, but the ball we used was a stick, instead of a ball. Haha.

09/03/03 - Visited Kolej Inti at Subang Jaya. For the first night we slept at Weng Chuan's brother's house. We spent the whole day at Sunway Lagoon and Sunway Piramid. For the second night, we slept at Weng Chuan's cousin's house. The room is air-conditioned and we slept well. We came back after 2 days.

24/03/03 - Visited Kolej Matrikulasi in the morning then went shopping at Pasific and Carrefore. Reached home at about 10.00pm.


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